julene dolewa

  julene dolewa


​Having worked as a model in New York City, Julene's insight of photo groundwork  generated a second career.  Photographers appreciated her visionary talents and began utilizing her as a makeup artist.  Julene's creative talents led to positions of representing major skin care and cosmetic companies, for print journalism and advertising, television, commercials, video, runway, galas and weddings.  The more she worked behind the scenes to invigorate photo sessions, however, the more she craved to get behind the camera.  The combination of being a makeup artist and photographer proved to be remarkable.

Having walked in the shadows of world-renowned photographers who produced work for major advertising agencies, magazines, catalogs and newspapers, Julene's portfolio expanded and led to work at the New York Daily News in the photo department.  She later became a creative partner for Estate Eight Photography at the Johnson & Johnson estate in Princeton, New Jersey, and for Digital Event Productions with photojournalist Robert Rosamilio.  Besides her freelance photography work, Julene's multi-talents also have made her the perfect choice to cover family celebrations and celebrity events worldwide.

​Over the past several years, Julene added a little whimsy to her resume.  As an avid pet lover, she combined her passions and became a recognized pet photographer in the Naples area, also producing pet books.  

"Funny, I was at a Mum and Pup Tea Party and began making photos of the pups.  People absolutely loved the shots.  Another light went on!"

Julene's books and work are on display throughout Naples, Florida where she resides.

As someone who has looked through both ends of the photo lens and adds the off-camera working expertise to fashion picture-perfect images, Julene Dolewa is a photographer with roots, multilayered experience and many visions.  From a modern magazine shoot to television spots to keepsake photos of your pets, to fine art, Julene has been camera-ready since 1981.  Her path to Naples, Florida, is a testament to versatility and know-how to orchestrate, shoot and create images on many platforms.